EQ 8 Project!

Next up on my sewing list is starting on a new master bedroom quilt for our home. I selected this Carpenter Square pattern and then painstakingly entered it into my new EQ 8 software. I was able to import or scan in the fabrics I am using and it’s quite fun to be able to see the quilt as it will look made up. the teal/gold fabrics are Island Batiks Twilight Chic line. We have had a couple fabric changes looking for browns (my husband’s input) and it was easy to scan in and replace one fabric with another in the design in the EQ8. Really liking the software for my first project with it.

Here is a photo of the EQ8 pattern. Hubby has opinions and has now approved this version.

A number of sample squares were sewn before I got EQ8 to test out different color combos. Rather than make a table runner or small quilt, I cut down left over squares from 10.5″ to 7.5″ to make some mug rugs. When I first heard about mug rugs, I thought they were a bit silly, but then a friend sent me a couple. I had to use them, after all they were a gift! I discovered that I much prefer them to coasters. They sop up any condensation or drips and minor spills. Plus, when I set my cup down on them without actually looking at what I’m doing, I don’t have to worry about the cup being on the edge and spilling like with a sandstone coaster. Yes, I have done that a couple times while reading.

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Mug rugs waiting for binding!







The four sets of 16 squares are now completed. Each square is 10.5″ unfinished and I will be adding a border to make a 95″ x 97″ quilt. Our old quilt is 97″ square and a bit to long, so this one will be a couple inches shorter. Now begins the arduous chore of sewing these all together in the correct order! I have a large room in the basement that isn’t used much and I can lay it all out, leave it and keep track of the blocks. The teals and gold are from the Island Batik Twilight Chic line.

I always take a photo when my layout is complete. I also check the photo on the big screen before sewing a stitch to make sure my blocks are all in order. (Learned that the hard way!). It also helps me get back on track if I lose my place in the middle of the project.

Happy quilting! Lennea


  1. Hi Lennea! How fun that you were able to import the exact fabrics. I have done that a few times in EQ8 with great success. It is nice to see the actual fabrics and not just a guesstimate. I foresee lots of log cabin blocks in your near future! I just adore that your husband gave you input. It will surely be a beautiful quilt when it is all together. ~smile~ Roseanne


  2. You sure know how to pick up a challenge Lennea LOL. Glad you have that basement it will help. Happy sewing all those squared together in the right order!!! Cheers Glenda


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