Quilt, Craft & Sewing Show!

There are two sewing related shows annually that are close enough to visit. This show, NW Quilt, Craft & Sewing Festival is the smaller of the two. It’s held in Puyallup, WA which is home to the state fair grounds and about an 75 minute drive from my house. This is my first time attending this particular show.

Other than visiting the Superior Threads booth and looking for buttons for a sports jacket for the hubby (an older jacket which has lost its buttons), I have no specific plans. Will select one “new to me” thread line to play with and pick up some basics. We will wander and see what we find!

Superior Threads booth
A special for buying 3! Fanstasico in back and 3 new metallics in front.

No buttons, alas. But picked up some new colors in the metallic thread and restocked on Superior Threads topstitch needles for my Bernina and Imagine serger and on Groz-Beckert R (R stand for Regular) size 18 needles for my Tiara sit-down quilter.

Then I came across a wonderful booth called Frond Design Studios. This is woman-owned company that prints fabric using original designs from women artists. The colors are amazing. I picked up these two one-yard lengths. I think the blue will make an amazing background for an applique piece. I am sharing the URL here for this amazing studio. http://fronddesignstudios.com/frond-fabrics

Love this panel!
A great piece for applique background!

We found a great deal on wideback 3yd lengths @ $36 per package for quilt backing and picked up three paisley prints in lavender, beige and grey. My wideback is now restocked for future projects. Another booth had the exact same wideback selling at $45!







A few Japanese prints found their way into my bag as well. These will make wonderful borders for applique pieces. And my hubby found a great basket weave print for future applique projects. 

Love this purple quilt! Happy quilting my friends!


  1. Hi Lennea! It looks like that show was a good one to attend. LOVE the fabrics you picked up, especially that blue for an applique background. I also love the panel – I would like my flower garden to resemble that! ~smile~ Roseanne

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