Lily Rose #2

This summer, I made two applique wall hangings using the Esther Aliu Lily Rose pattern. One was quilted back in August, but the second has been patiently waiting to be quilted. It is made use the Kaufman Gustav Klimt line of gorgeous fabrics.

It is quilted using Superior Threads Magnifico, Fantastico and MonoPoly threads on my Tiara with a size 18 needle. The batting is Soft n Warm Supreme, a heavy weight cotton that I chose to give good quilting definition while also providing some weight and sturdiness for this 38″ x 44″ wall hanging. Once again, I am using the McTavishing technique for the back ground, only this time using a 40wt Magnifico thread. The table cloth under the vase is stitched with MonoPoly invisible thread to best show that fabric.

The frame is quilted to resemble a hand carved frame, with a tight swirl vine and diagonal stitching in Magnifico to match the fabric. Around the frame is an echoed feather in a dark gray which also matches the fabric. The corners are stitched in a metallic gold thread to echo the metallic applique. A small leaf vein is stitched on the little gold leaf shapes.

Here is a photo of the backside!

The little red border is stitched in a plait design with matching thread. The plait is a nice contrast to the curlier shapes in the interior of the piece.









For the final border, I used a Cindy Needham Low Tide stencil to mark a spine and completed the border in a swirly feather with the gold thread used on the frame.

The stencil is marked using a Fons and Porter ceramic marker.


A few details are added in the appliques. Gold, metallic and red threads are used here to enhance the flower.

Lily Rose is then bound using the frame fabric.

Yes, I added a hanging sleeve. The finished size is 38″ x 44.5″. I used a new-to-me batting, the Soft n Warm, 100% Supreme batting. It is too heavy to use as a bed quilt, but gave nice quilting definition and is a nice weight for hanging well.

Coming up! Next project is working on a new master bed quilt for the mister and myself and a visit to a Craft and Quilt fair in the area.

Happy quilting and stitching! Lennea


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