Catch up Time!

Time to play catch up! The West Coast Pipe Show is coming up in 8 weeks, and I hate rushing, so time to look at my pipe bag and pipe roll inventory.  I am missing two pipe rolls that were left after the Chicago show in May and I have searched high and low. I even searched the suitcases that I didn’t take. Nada.

A couple commission pipe rolls to finish as well, so I tackled those first. These had the fabric selected by the client and I added something new, a Pipe Diva logo. What is a Pipe Diva? A woman active in the tobacco pipe hobby. And now we have a cute logo, so I experimented with using it as an applique on the two commission pipe rolls.

And then another request for a pipe roll with a logo. This one using Dr Who themed fabric!

This gives me 4 pipe rolls for my table, in addition to the 20 pipe bags that are already made up.

There was catch up on the Esther Aliu Wrapt in Love as well! This will be a gift for a granddaughter for Christmas, so keeping that deadline in mind. The twirls were fun to make and then it was time for the 4 cornerstone blocks with fiddly little HST’s. I usually don’t do this type of piecing, but decided to stick with it for this pattern.

This is a great method for making any size HST quickly. The squares are 4″ and sewn right sides together, stitching 1/4″ around the outside edge of the two squares. Then cut diagonally both directions and you have 4 HST about 2.5″. I trimmed these down to 2″ and then strip sewed them to a length of 2″ solid fabric, cut and then strip sewn again.

These were trimmed down to 2″ and then sewn together for the cornerstone blocks for Wrapt in Love (WIL).

I also finished up the twirly blocks for WIL. These were so fun to make!

Happy quilting!



  1. Hi Lennea! Oh how I wish I would have been able to make a pipe roll for my dad. He loved smoking a pipe and I loved the smell of the tobacco. It takes me right back to picking out the favorite tobacco and him filling his pouch. I wasn’t into sewing/quilting unfortunately before he died, but he would have LOVED this. What a fun post. ~smile~ Roseanne

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