Practicing FMQ with Stencil

Have you ever used stencils to FMQ? I recently purchased some Cindy Needham stencils for making medallions. Circle Medley #2-“Ala Carte”.

Although I have been free motion quilting (FMQ) for 4 years, I had never tried a stencil. A recent orphan square quilt, made of leftover squares from a project several years, was the perfect canvas for trying out my new stencil.

Measuring my quilt sandwich to find the center.
My stencil
Marking the quilt with a Frixion heat erase pen.

The stencil has a notched corner to help you center your stencil both directions.




After marking, I used MonoPoly (invisible thread) to SID (Stitch in the Ditch) along all the seam lines. SID secures and stabilizes the quilt for more detailed stitching. Using MonoPoly helps hide any wiggles in the stitch line, which I stitched FMQ using my Tiara sit down machine.

Using Superior Threads Magnifico, a 40 wt high sheen thread, I followed the stitching directions for the cable. It took about three repeats for me to get the stitch pathway going smoothly. This is a continuous line stencil, so you can stitch the whole design without stopping to cut your thread. Cindy Needleham stencils come with beautiful, helpful workbooks (!!) that show you stitching direction and uses for her stencils. She also has some videos.

I completed the center cable medallion and then did the four corner partial medallions.



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