Quilt Batting – a Comprehensive Guide & Review

Starting something new! I am an admin with the Fun With Free Motion Quilting site and will launch a monthly feature called Lennea’s Little Hints and Tips.

First up is a comprehensive guide to Batting. With so many new batting fibers on the market, many batting guides are out of date. Bamboo, silk and wool have joined the ranks of cotton and poly as favored batting (wadding) for free motion quilters. Each has its unique qualities, pros and cons, for differing quilting applications.

My personal batting favorite is bamboo for its excellent drape, ease of stitching, resistance to bunching, sustainability as a resource and minimal shrinkage. It is also cool in summer and warm in winter, which is perfect for the pacific northwest USA climate where I live. I also prefer a lighter weight quilt and bamboo is naturally not as heavy as cotton based batting.

For wall hangings, I like a heavier poly/cotton batting to give more structure for hanging. Cotton batting is also useful for table accessories like place mats and runners as it drinks up table spills. Insulfil, with its reflective coating and heat retention properties is a must for hot pads, casserole carriers, and also useful as a second layer in table runners.

FFMQ Batting Guide


I hope you enjoy the article! Happy quilting and may your quilts never beard.


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  1. Good Morning! I haven’t tried bamboo batting but I would like to. The sustainability aspect of the product makes it very appealing along with its other great benefits. ~smile~ Roseanne

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