WIL #3 Musings

LeMag Bag has been on vacation, but I managed to complete WIL #3 since my last post. This was a challenging block for me. WIL #2 was an explosion of color and I needed to “cool down” WIL #3, but maintain the momentum and excitement of the first two blocks. I knew the background color for the big flower and the stem colors, but there were many tryouts for the other elements!

Too dark and too busy!
I liked the petals on this one, and they brought in the light fabric that I used in block #1.

The original plan was to accent the gold and burgundy with deep teal and while there are a few tiny hints of teal in two of my prints, I still needed a venue for the teal. The ribbon was the perfect place to introduce it. Then I added the teal to the horizontal piece and used a bit of everything from my trial pieces

The final fabric choices!

While I admired the red buds on the original block photo, I also knew that I wanted to use a multi-color arrangements of buds to help bring my colors together. This allowed me to bring the dusty rose of the short stems up into the middle of the block.

The circles were all glued and most were stitched when I had an epiphany, a brainstorm! It just popped into my head and I painstakingly ripped out and peeled off 4 circles. The chrysanthemum fabric that was fussy cut in block 2 had beautiful centers, just waiting to be cut and stitched. I decided to use 4, rather than the typical odd number and arranged them asymmetrically.

Now the block looked lively! the colors balanced with the sister blocks. A bit of a dancing flower.

And now a sneak peak of Mt Hood out the window of our flight. It was a beautiful flight home.

Can’t wait to see block #4! Happy stitching!



  1. Oh How I enjoyed reading that blog Lennea, You work so like my self LOL It has taken me to now to work out how I am going to join my blocks when I do that, I have thought and trialed so many and none have worked till yesterday and I think????? I’m on the right track? Your final block is stunning> where on earth are these amazing mountains how beautiful they look , what a great shot you took????? Cheers Glenda


    1. Still stitching away. And thinking of redoing the first flower I put together!!

      I live in western Washington, USA and those mountains were photographed with my phone as we flew in from a visit down south (it is actually a dormant volcano!). This is close to the Washington/Oregon state line and not too far from us.

      Excited to see your WIL progress. Well, always excited to see all your work!


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