Waiting for WIL

8ED75E72-E0BA-4F1F-8991-B53F24DFA015.jpegWhile waiting for the next Wrap in Love (WIL) release from Esther Aliu, I busied myself with some more beading, making a few warm weather tops, and then found another stash of orphan blocks

Time for another orphan block baby/lap quilt. These leftover HST (half square triangles) were from a quilt that I made for a friend two years ago. The fabric is by designer April Rhodes and I love the Native American and southwestern images in her designs. I will quilt this up when I have another top ready for quilting.

WIL was released two days ago, and I have been busy working on stems and the fantasy flower. This flower took me out of my comfort zone! After trying a number of combinations, and making several sets of pieces, I dove into the pile of pieces and came up with this.

WIL calls for 24 circles, spread out along the vining stems. The only way to make beautiful circles is with the Perfect Circle templates.

Perfect circles every time!

Off to starch and press circles, and then carefully remove the Perfect Circles templates!

Happy stitching!



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