I Can’t Stop!

Ever start making something and you can’t seem to stop? It happens to me all the time. Pipe bags are a prime example. Last year I sat down to make a dozen and wound up with 19! This was a good thing as I did very well selling them at the Las Vegas show last November.

Time to make more with the Chicago Pipe show coming up in May. I decided to use some scraps from smoking jackets to make some extra snazzy pipe bags and then realized I needed more of the Sherlock Holmes canvas prints from Spoonflower. And there was denim left over from the denim jacket I made. When I counted, there were 14. And then I got my second wind and dug into the cork fabric that I picked up last winter and made 9 more. Probably time to stop!

I call them pipe bags, and use them for carrying pipes in, but they are useful for cosmetics, snacks, medication, anything that benefits from having a handy zip bag for carrying.

The cork was great to work with! Stitches easily with a size 12 or 14 topstitch needle. Tried out metallic thread, too! And the cork feels buttery smooth. Its waterproof, stain resistant, and flame resistant.

Have fun and keep stiching, Lennea


    1. Hi Lisa. I don’t use a pattern. I start with a 8.5” x 10” rectange. For fabric bags, I serge together a sandwich of outside fabric, soft n stable foam and lining. For either cork or fabric, I then add zipper. Then sew ends, centering zipper. Then sew corners and turn.

      There are some free Pinterest instructions on making a basic rectangle zip bag that helped me get started. They are great fun to make.


  1. Lovely wee blog Lennea love those jazzy zips they make those wee bags pop. Interesting fabric the cork fabric???? Looks so real? some wonderful colours in that wee pile of pipe bags !!!! My dad smoked a pipe and I would of loved to smoke one too but my asthma has other thoughts LOL Cheers Glenda

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    1. The cork “fabric” is real cork. From Portugal. It is very thin strios of cork bark from the living trees (they grow more) with a thin poly backing. It looks and feels like soft leather.

      We have a groups of women pupe smokers from all around the world and call ourselves Pipe Divas! Lol


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