Wiksten Haori Jackets!

When I find something I like – a pattern, a fabric…I make it over and over for the sheer joy of the experience. The Wiksten Haori jacket is my current obssession. The pattern was spotted in a Hawthorn Supply Co advert. They were out of stock, so I hopped over to Wiksten’s site and purchased it.

I first made it in an Essex cotton\linen blend with lurex with a challis lining. Both fabrics were ordered from Hawthorne. This jacket will travel to the US Pipe Show in Chicago with me. This was the second jacket made with the Essex nd i love this fabric! It washes and sews beautifully and photos do not do it justice.

Then I dug through the stash and found a mid-weight denim with embroided border and made not one, but two more! The first denim jacket is a mid-length jacket in the large size with the embroidery along the bottom and pockets with the embroidery matched, The second jacket is a short length in a medium with batik collar and pocket detail. Custom machine embroidery was added to both. The large accomodates US sizes 12-16 and the medium 8-12. I have been wearing the mid-length jacket everywhere. Its very chilly here and its fits nicely over a sweater.

The Sewing & Stichery Expo was held in Puyallup, WA the last weekend in February and I picked up an amazing piece of French designer fabric and some rayon for lining.  You guessed it! I had to make a Haori jacket, well not just one, out of it. This is the size large in the long length and work has begun on a mid-length in a small. To my great relief, the designer fabric washed up beautifully.

Here’s hoping all your sewing obsessions are happy ones!


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