Three Finished & 20” of Snow

Its been an interesting two weeks. The OMWFB applique quilt is quilted and done and I also finished up two orphan quilt projects. And in this area, where 4” of snow is a major event, we had 20” of snow over two days. The numbers looked like this: 36 hrs with no power, 6 days snowed in, and 7 days with no mail.


On My Window Flowers Bloom was quilted primarily with MonoPoly. I didnt want to interrupt the deep blue background in any way, so turned to the MonoPoly. This is my first quilting project with the invisible thread. In addition, I used a rose metallic thread for border work and applique for the first time. Each new project has a personal challenge. OMWFB used all Stonehenge fabrics, and MonoPoly and metallic for the first time. And I am happy with the results.

Orphan Square Projects

Each year I like to rummage through my stash and find leftover squares from years past to jump start the year with a quick finish project. I have two for my efforts, a baby or lap quilt, 44 x 44” and a large lap or small twin, 57” x 67”.

Snow, and more Snow❄️❄️❄️


The snow was amazing. We were well stocked and prepared and had plenty of coffee, cream and firewood to keep us cozy. That mail box did require a bit of digging out, but after being snowed in for 6 days, we were thrilled to see the plow!


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