The Purple Tree




Ever had a hopeless obssession? An exotic flower at peak bloom, a beach just as the sun drops? Something that takes your breath away and fills your dreams until you see it next?

The purple tree is such an obesession. Every year I spend a few precious minutes wth it, photograph it, and then it disappears for another year. And each year I impatiently anticipate its rebirth.

Point Defiance Zoo, Tacoma, WA USA annually turns the zoo grounds into a holiday light extraveganza, recreating landmarks like Mt. Rainier and the Narrows Bridges. They create family animal tableaus in lights and pay homage to local sports teams.

I took my children to Zoolights when they were young and have watched the changing displays for the 38 years thatI have lived in the area. But one displays is unchanged, The Purple Tree, which I adore.

This year, I decided to make the smaller version of Cindy Edgerton’s Tall Tree in tribute to The Purple Tree. Measuring 43” x 18”, she was free motion quilted on my Tiara, and adorned with metallic lavendar thread and embroidery stitches. 💜

Happy holidays, Lennea


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