Year End Bits and Pieces

With holidays approaching, it was time to finish up the bits and pieces of the year. There was a Christmas gift to make, and that set of placemats I needed to finish to go with the Willoware. There was a Tall Tree to retrofit with lights and smaller purple tree to finish up.


The placemats and matching hot pads now grace the kitchen/dining area. And I love how they look with the Willoware. No piecing, just whole cloth quilting on fabric that had languished in the stash for a couple years.


The American Girl doll outfit that I promised my granddaughter in May, and that we shopped for fabric together is now completed and mailed off.

The Tall Tree is resplendent with blinking lights that automatically turn on each afternoon at 4:30 and shut off at bedtime.

One bit left, the purple tree. Here’s hoping your holiday projects are all progressing well.



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