One of my side hobbies is beading; I make necklaces and earrings. It started about 18 years ago when I inherited some jewelry from my grandmother and wished to repair a few pieces and also to make jewelry for my three daughters using beads from her pieces. A friend made bracelets and I asked if she would do repairs. “No”, she said, “but I will teach you how”. We spend several weekends together going over the basics and I have made jewelry off and on since then.

Three years ago, my friend Silver Gray, who is one of the few women in the US carving tobacco pipes, was also carving beautiful hearts and wrapping them with silver to sell alongside her pipes. I bought one and decided that the beauiful heart needed a very special chain to go with it and pulled ut my beading supplies. Silver was so delighted with the results that she asked me to make necklaces to sell along with her hearts. My original heart is the red one, but I have added several more to my collection!


With the Las Vegas Pipe Show coming up in November, I have stolen some time from sewing to make a new batch of necklaces for the show. The necklaces are made so that any heart can clipped onto any necklace and switched for a different look.

Fresh water pearls and semi prescious stone like garnet are so beautiful to work with. I love creating beautiful things!



Happy sewing and creating!


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