Queen’s Garden & A Jacket


Time to add the sashing to my QG project! Tried out a couple variations and decided to go with the gray sashing rather than piano key strips.

The background has a subtle gray pattern with coordinates nicely with the gray/white print. I als wanted to leave room for some nice free motion quilting. Maybe a nice vining design in two tone green. Also wanted the flower appliques to be showcased, rather than competing with busy sashing.

Also got a good bit done on the smoking jacket that I promised my friend, Sally.


This is a simple but nicely designed poly brocade. The red cuffs and collar contrast almost glow! Still need to add frog closures and complete some internal handstitching on the facing, but happy with the way it is turning out.

Sally is 5’1”, so I drew out new pattern pieces on tissue to accomodate the adjustments  to the pattern.

Love my sewing time!



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