Three Tote Bags for Nicole

I received an urgent message from a tote bag customer. What do you have available?

Nicole and I met up and I showed her what tote bags were made up and available and also brought fabrics to show her. She said what all of us who create handmade items are overjoyed to hear. “Your bags make me happy.”

She picked out three fabrics for three new bags and I sat down at my machines to whip up some more happiness from fabric and thread.

The first bag features a Native inspired print in quilting weight cotton with red poly straps, a full width mesh pocket on one side and a matching full width pocket on the other. A vintage mother of pearl button adorns the velcro closure.

The other two bags are mid weight canvas cotton with cotton linings and an interior pocket. Free motion quilted feathers adorn these two. Feathers are so fun to quilt! I really love the vintage abolone button, which are so hard to find, on the turqoise colored bag.

Nicole picks up her bags today and I hope she enjoys these three bags as much as I enjoyed making them!

Thank you, Nicole. And thanks to all those who love hand crafted items


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